Long Island Mentalist and Magician Mike Maione

Welcome to the website of Long Island mentalist and magician Mike Maione. He is the alter ego of the Silly Magician and Long Island’s favorite magician/mentalist. He’s less silly but still hilarious and fun to watch perform. But be forewarned – while you are laughing, his magic and mental effects might make your head explode. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Mentalism and Magic Shows for Adults

Not all performers make the transition from doing magic shows for kids to magic and mentalism shows for adults seem effortless. But Long Island Mentalist Mike Maione makes it looks simple. While his silly physical comedy is perfect for youngsters, his edgy humor has adults laughing loudly and scratching their heads.

His shows feature an array of magic done with cards, coins, and common everyday objects, along with a rich assortment of mind games that only a mentalist with years of dedication to his craft can acquire. No one, including Mike, has suggested he has supernatural powers, but everyone agrees he possesses some extraordinary abilities.

Long Island Mentalist Mike Maione engages his audience with skills that leave a lasting impression that will be remembered for years. Whether you want for entertainment for a large audience or a small intimate group of friends and relatives, Mike offers a unique way to explore the mysteries of the human mind with mentalism and magic that is funny, baffling, and outer-worldly.

Producer and Reviewer

Mike also produces magic props for working professionals and reviews products produced for the magic community. If you are a magician or mentalist interested in unique props for your show, visit Mike’s products page. And if you are a magician or mentalist wanting fair and unbiased reviews or all things magic, check out Maione Magic Reviews. There you will see reviews for products new and old.


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