Welcome to the website of the Silly Magician’s alter ego, and Long Island’s favorite magician Mike Maione. He’s less silly but still hilarious and fun to watch perform. But, be forewarned – while you are laughing, his magic might make your head explode. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Like many of today’s great magicians, Mike became interested in magic as a young boy. At the early age of nine, Mike made a trip to Tannen’s Magic Shop. There he purchased his first bit of magic… an expensive coin trick.

Unfortunately, Mike was also a chubby lad who favored frozen treats and accidentally used the coin to buy ice cream. He was so distraught when he discovered his mistake he vowed not to do magic until he could control his appetite.

Years of therapy and many diets later, Mike shed his huskie-sized clothes and dove into the mysteries of magic with a renewed passion finally to emerge as one of Long Island’s favorite magicians.

Mike still likes ice cream a lot.


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