Magic Live

In about two weeks I’ll be heading to Las Vegas to attend another Magic Live. I didn’t plan to go this year as I will be attending the Genii Convent in Orlando in October where I will be taking photos again as one of their official photographers. So, the plan was to take a year off. But, plans changed because Brett Barry of SvenPads wanted me to come and work his booth to help launch a reissue of my Celebrity Presage. The new Celebrity Presage is an awesome update to my very deceptive and commercial book test.

So in a short while I’ll be on a plane and headed west.

The New Celebrity Presage

The new book is very cool. I won’t say too much about it here as this is a public site, but if you are a magician or a mentalist and you want a killer prop that will convince an audience that you have extraordinary skills, this is the prop. You can get more information by viewing the product page on my website.

Because I will be missing a lot of the convention by working the booth with Brett I plan to bring a few of my other products to Live to sell or take orders to help make the trip worthwhile.

The Convention

If you have never been to Magic Live. It’s a pretty cool convention. Originally, it was supposed to be a live version of the magazine Magic. A nifty idea. But, then Stan Allen who owned the magazine decided to end publication and just do the convention. As a consequence, the basic premise of the convention has changed. You could see and feel it last year. Most of the folks I know who attended last year as well as previous Magic Live conventions agreed. Clearly, some of the elements that made the first few MLs special were missing, changed or just expected. Part of what made/makes ML so much fun was the unexpected.

Hopefully, I’ll get to spend just enough time in the dealer room to sell lots magic, buy some cool new magic to share with my audiences and still catch the best of ML.

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