Back from Magic Live

Well, it’s been a whirlwind the last few weeks. I left my conventional job last month to concentrate all my energy on magic. The first order of business was to get my webpages updated. You are looking at the one of the three I manage now. It was converted to WordPress from a DreamWeaver version which was very tired looking. WordPress is definitely easier to update and maintain.

Aside from the visually better look, the pages are automatically reformatted to look and work better on a phone or tablet, the way most people are looking at webpages it seems. I added a blog. Just another place for me to express myself and most importantly, I added a products page where magicians can learn about and purchase some of my original magic to add to their shows.

I tweaked the which I updated months ago but still have to update

Before going to Magic Live I packaged a bunch of my original magic to sell at the convention where I spent most of my time demonstrating the new Celebrity Presage. This remake of my classic has been getting raves.

I came home to a kitchen renovation that required moving among other things my entire office from the first floor to the second floor. What a pain. What a mess. Can’t wait until it’s over.

I did manage to take in a few shows and lectures at the Las Vegas convention. I can’t say enough about Harrison Greenbaum. I recognized his potential 15 years ago and I glad to seem him soaring now. His talk about magic and comedy was great. My other highlight was seeing the classiest magician alive Guy Hollingsworth perform. He eludes class from his refined English accent to his tail coat to the microphone he uses on stage.

The surprise of the convention for me was to see Mario the Maker Magician who will be performing a special Parlor of Mystery on August 21 in Lindenhurst performing and lecturing at the convention. He is hands down among the topmost kids’ entertainers on the planet. If you can, try to attend this public performance. For ticket information call 631-669-0506.

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