Trick or Treat

It’s been about two months since live, in-person magic shows have been halted, and magicians like myself have been holed up at home. This has been difficult for those of us who like to perform. Many magicians myself included, started doing virtual shows using Zoom as soon as possible. Even those who initially resisted doing virtual shows have started. They’ve realized that it may be a year before people feel comfortable enough to sit shoulder to shoulder in a theatre with someone who might have COVID-19. Or when corporations start holding events and hire magicians to perform.

Some performers have taken to entertaining with Facebook Live both to keep themselves in the eye of the public or satisfy their thirst for the spotlight.

While I am not one of the guys going live every other day, I have created a streaming interview show called Trick or Treat. In addition to Interviewees talking about their work, they perform a trick or deliver a treat. I have been planning to produce this show ever since I had a guest appearance on a TV show that was broadcast years ago on a public access television. It was called Hocus Focus. Like my show, it was an opportunity for performers to showcase their talent. I have always thought I would do a better job than the fellow who hosted the show, and finally, I have the chance to find out.

After getting the necessary gear and software and after a few tests, the first show streamed on May 18 and featured a hypnotist Terry Parrett. Subsequent shows featured Judge Gary Brown and Peter Samelson.

Tomorrow’s show features comedy magician, John Ferrentino. The show streams at the Parlor of Mystery Facebook page at 11 AM on Mondays. Here’s a link to our Facebook page. You can also catch it after the fact on my youtube channel.

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