A Show Must Go On

The pandemic is in full swing. Here in New York, I thought we were over the hump, and life would start to get back to normal, but now with the virus raging across the country, I’ll be surprised if we don’t have a powerful resurgence here. So, it seems we won’t be doing many live ‘in-person’ shows anytime soon.

But once an extroverted performer, always an extroverted performer, I suppose. So, a show of some kind must go on. That show is Trick or Treat. Trick or Treat is cross between a typical late-night talk show and the now deceased, James Lipton’s Inside the Actor’s Studio. Of course, my interviewees are magicians and comics, not notable actors and directors.

Every Monday at 11AM

As of this writing, there have been 11 Trick or Treat shows. The show streams live every Monday at 11AM, a time convenient to me and no one else I suspect. I enjoy producing the show each week and work long and hard to make each show more interesting and technically better than the previous one. Every week I challenge myself to perform a new feat of magic designed explicitly for the ‘display only’ environment. That is to say, tricks that do not require audience participation. And each week, I pick a topic like karma, magic gone awry, or bad hair and scour the internet for the best photos and videos on that topic. Some are quite funny.

But the best part of the show for me is interviewing friends in comedy and magic. It’s interesting how you can know someone for years but not know their story, how they became interested in performing, and looking at photos and videos that highlight their career. We don’t let our guests off easy, though. Because the show is called Trick or Treat, I ask each guest to perform a trick or deliver a treat before the show ends. We’ve seen some fabulous tricks so far.

If you haven’t watched the show as it streams, you can watch it live on the Parlor of Mystery Facebook page. Go to Facebook, search for the Parlor of Mystery, and you’ll find us. The fun part about watching the show as it streams is you can be part of the interview and ask questions yourself. If you’d rather look at the show after it streams, you can see the recorded program on Facebook or my personal YouTube channel. On YouTube, search for Mike Maione. Subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss a show.

Here is a sample of some magic from the show.

Coming Attractions

This week my guest is comedian Rich Walker and next week actor and magician Todd Robbins. On August 17 the beautiful English magician Romany will be my guest. On August 24 my guest will be the best kids magician on the planet, Mario the Maker Magician. And on

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