Spring update

Hello, friends. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a message so it’s time for an update. Let’s start with some big news. The Parlor of Mystery will open its doors again in May; May 23 to be exact. It sure has been a loooonnnng year. The place is different and the shows will be a bit different for a while. Most notably the seats have been distributed along the long wall instead of the short wall. Seating will be spaced, masks are required, and we also won’t have an intermission but it will be so sweet to get out of the house and away from zoom. I hope you join us. You must make a reservation. Here’s the number to call 631-669-0506.

In the meantime, all are invited to come backstage with me and meet Devlin. He’s an incredible East Coast illusionist and swell guy. I know you will love meeting him, learning about his career and asking him questions so join us on March 23, at 7PM. Here’s a link to the show which streams on the Parlor of Mystery Facebook page. Click on the link below and get a reminder.

Trick or Treat #38 – Devlin

Posted by Parlor of Mystery on Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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