Mike at the Mohegan Sun

This page is a secret page for magicians only. If you’re looking to buy some crazy awesome magic so you can blow peoples’ minds too, here are a few goodies.

Calendar Presage

Do you remember the days before you kept your dates on your smartphone and when you used a pocket calendar to keep track of your appointments? Calendar Presage is a seemingly old-fashioned databook that will allow you do to incredible mentalism.

Celebrity Presage

This is the newest version of my mind-boggling book test. The new version created with and produced by SvenPads was voted 2019 Trick of the Year on the Magic Cafe.

Emoji Presage

Let’s face it everyone knows what an emoji is. So, why not do a bit of mental magic with a pack of emoji cards.

Signature Presage

No matter what book test you use you can make it even stronger when you reveal which celebrity’s signature they picked from a collection of autographs. The perfect compliment to Celebrity Presage.

Autograph Augur

From a collection of autographs know exactly which signature your spectator selected. No book test is needed.

Truth or Consequences

Who said mentalism can’t be funny. Finally, a version of Kurotsuke that is fun to do and gets way more reaction than just some head-scratching.

Read ’em and Weep NEW

Some people actually make sentences with emojis. Predict what emoji sentence your audience will make with this emoji sentence maker.

Word Search NEW

A diabolical set of innocent-looking flashcards that gives you three methods to know the image on a chosen flashcard.