Emoji Presage


Presage Meaning
1. a presentiment or foreboding.
2. something that portends or foreshadows a future event; an omen, prognostic, or warning indication.
3. prophetic significance; augury.
4. foresight; prescience.
5. Archaic. a forecast or prediction.

Emoji Presage is a contemporary piece of mentalism with a routine that will have everyone laughing.

The Routine: The mentalist waxes on about people using emojis more and more these days for good reason. It’s easier to send a quick ‘Thumbs Up’ than it is to type something like, “I like that idea, let’s do it.” Some people, he says, write complete sentences with emojis and shows several funny examples. Then he shows several cards from a stack of emoji cards and an emoji card is selected by a spectator which matches his prediction.

“The Emoji Presage arrived today… it is absolutely WONDERFUL! The cards are beautiful, the routine is 100% commercial.” – Cody Fisher

“Great routine dammit. Wish I had thought of this.” – Dan Garrett

Vanish Magazine Review July 2019

July 2019 Vanish Magazine

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Instructions, Routines, and Downloads for Emoji Presage Owners