Autograph Augur


augur [ aw-ger ]
1. one of a group of ancient Roman officials charged with observing and interpreting omens for guidance in public affairs.
2. soothsayer; prophet.
1. to divine or predict, as from omens; prognosticate.
2. to serve as an omen or promise of; foreshadow; betoken: Mounting sales augur a profitable year.

This is a clever and funny new mind-reading effect incorporating the autographs of famous celebrities, It includes the gimmicks necessary to do several different mind-reading effects.

Routine 1 – Show a collection of cards that have celebrity autographs printed on them. Have a spectator guess whose autograph it is. Clearly, most have forgotten or never learned cursive writing. Let the spectator freely select which autograph they chose then after a little mental exercise writes the name of the celebrity on a pad. Of course, it matches the celebrity selected.

Routine 2 – Mentalist reads the minds of two spectators. The first spectator is shown a book and is invited to place a bookmark into the book. Spectator One holds the closed book with the bookmark enclosed. Spectator Two is shown a collection of cards with the autographs of various celebrities. He freely picks a card from the stack and holds it. The first spectator is asked to look at the page where he placed the bookmark and think of a word, celebrity, etc. on the page. The spectators each concentrate on their choices, which the mentalist reveals.

Inject users will love the .zip file that is provided on the instructional page with photos of all the celebrities in the pack. The photos can be the basis of a new Inject web album effect where the selected autograph matches a randomly selected photo of the celebrity on a borrowed phone.


Beautiful jumbo-sized cards with facsimiles of the actual signatures of over 50 celebrities.
Two deviously clever ways to ascertain the selected celebrity.
A fun presentation that will definitely get laughs.

$89.95 includes shipping in the USA

Instructions for Autograph Augur Owners