Truth or Consequences


I have always liked the trick, Kurotsuke. But I have never liked any of the presentations I have seen. In most, the performer seems pretentious, the finale expected and the process boring. After years of searching, I developed a presentation that is mysterious, entertaining, and funny. 

EFFECT – The mentalist sits on a chair on stage and proceeds to remove his shoes and socks. While doing so he waxes on about an old TV show called Truth or Consequences. He explains that while the theme of the show required the contestant to tell the truth (usually the punch line to a corny joke) or face the consequences (usually a silly feat and in many cases showcase a unique skill), there were no true consequences. He announces that during this performance, he would be able to determine who was telling the truth, or he will face genuine consequences. He then dumps a bag of Legos on the floor and suggests that if he is unable to ascertain the truth, he will face the pain and anguish of walking barefoot on Legos.

Then similar to the typical Kurotsuke presentation but with four white Lego blocks and one black Lego block, the mentalist successfully identifies who has the black Lego. But tragically, he manages to “accidentally” step on a Lego anyway and hop around on one foot as spectators return to their seats.

You get everything you need to perform Truth or Consequences, over 100 Lego blocks, a pouch to carry your props, the gimmicks needed to perform the mentalism, a comprehensive PDF with instructions and patter, and a video that highlights some of the finer points to consider when performing the effect.

Read the review in May 2020 Vanish Magazine

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Instructions for Truth or Consequences Owners
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