Word Search Flashcards


Word Search is a fantastic set of flashcards that look like you borrowed from your pre-schooler. The cards have three methods built into them that will allow you to do incredible magic and mentalism. Instantly know the image on a selected flashcard for your preshow work, to do mind-reading, or for any clever revelation you dream up.

The three clever methods come together in a beautiful set of cards that look 100% innocent but are anything but. They say not to repeat a trick but go ahead and do it with Word Search because you can vary the methods confounding your audience.

  • Easy to perform
  • Repeatable
  • Three different methods to know the image on the selected card is built into the cards
  • Innocent looking flashcards
  • Two sets of cards
  • Double-back and double-face card provided
  • Downloadable PDF and video instructions provided
  • Perfect for close-up and platform presentations

$65.95 includes shipping in the USA

Instructions: Click here if you have purchased for the instructional video and PDF