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Welcome to the Mike Maione Magic Store. Here, you will find interesting, unique, and original magic created by Mike Maione and friends.

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Celebrity Presage
Celebrity Presage is a foolproof book test that is fun and easy to do. This totally realistic paperback of celebrity quotes & stories utilizes powerful secret methods to force well-known celebrities. -more-

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Celebrity Presage V-Gimmick Power Packs
Celebrity Presage V gimmicks provide EXTRA HITS in a super convenient “no pocket space” format. -more-

Signature Presage
Augment your book tests with this deck of celebrity signature cards so that you can read two minds simultaneously. On the face of each card is an exact copy of one of today’s most attractive celebrities. -more-

Calendar Presage
Calendar Presage is one of the most workable, sure-fire, and powerful pocket diary effects on the market. -more-

Vino Presage
Vino Presage is a book that wine enthusiasts will love, but you need not enjoy wine to read minds using this book. -more-

Truth or Consequences
Truth or Consequences is the most original version of Kurotsuke, the black marble trick. -more-

Emoji Presage
Emoji Presage is a fun and contemporary card prediction that features emojis. -more-

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Word Search
These specially designed flashcards let you know what picture is on a freely selected flashcard in several ways. -more-