Wedding Officiant

Mike at Jenn's and Chris's wedding
Mike Maione officiating a wedding

Mike Maione is more than just a magician and mentalist. Mike is also a wedding officiant and can play a crucial role in one of the most significant moments of a couple’s life, guiding them through the ceremonial aspects of their union with grace and sincerity. As an officiant, Mike is responsible for ensuring that the ceremony reflects the couple’s personal beliefs, values, and love story, whether it’s through a traditional, religious, or secular approach.

If you are getting married and want Mike to officiate, you can expect to meet often beforehand to discuss your vision for the ceremony, providing support and advice on vows, readings, and rituals. On the wedding day, Mike will lead the proceedings, delivering a meaningful and heartfelt service that binds the couple legally and emotionally, creating a memorable and cherished experience for everyone involved. Call or text Mike at 631-576-9098.