Celebrity Presage.

Welcome to Celebrity Presage.

I created the original Celebrity Presage to audition for Fector’s Finger Flicking Frolic (FFFF). I aimed to entertain the assembled group of the best close-up magic performers in the world at their annual meeting and be invited back. I never expected to fool them. But my book test was a fooler. Since then I teamed up with Brett Barry to create what is the grooviest book test to be released to the magic fraternity in a decade! This is no ordinary book test. In fact, this totally realistic paperback of celebrity quotes & stories utilizes a powerful secret method, the perfect page numbering system, and a devilish new revised forcing system. combined with our insanely precision paper manufacturing (pages cut to 1/32″). 

Our killer system allows book page numbers to display sequentially front to back, whilst still allowing the performer to cleanly force ANY page they wish in real-time. Invisibly & perfectly. When you see it with your own eyes you will be blown away.

In fact, your Celebrity Presage book offers multiple forcing methods, multiple reveals, and a killer “V” forcing gimmick we created from scratch to allow maximum flexibility. Celebrity Presage is a book test with multiple layered methods that can be used together (or individually) for predictions or mind-reading miracles. The perfect book itself is filled with hilarious celebrity quotes and instant comedy possibilities!

For the first time, App creator Marc Kerstein exclusively & generously allowed the use of all the force words from his popular “WikiTest” to be used in Celebrity Presage. This exciting addition means that WikiTest users will be ready to use Celebrity Presage quickly, with no extra memorization needed.


  • Gorgeous Celebrity Presage gimmicked 130-page paperback book
  • One V-forcing gimmick
  • 29 Page PDF written instructions with routines & photos
  • 30 Minute streaming video instructions
  • Access to the SvenPad® secret group: WHAT CAN I DO?

Your Celebrity Presage book will allow you to:

  1. Force a page/Celebrity using our incredible numbering system
  2. Force a page/Celebrity using Svengali (opening to a page)
  3. Force a movie title using PPPS or Svengali
  4. Force a Celebrity name using the new V Gimmick (Beyoncé)
  5. Divining one of 9 potential WikiTest words on one or multiple spectators
  6. Potentially do a drawing duplication
  7. Reveal the details from a forced celebrity quote

Force more celebrity names by purchasing (separately) extra V Gimmick Power Packs.

There are three versions of Celebrity Presage. We created the same book with two covers to give your spectator the choice of two books. We also created a second book with the same cover as the original book that forces a different celebrity, which is perfect If you perform multiple shows for the same audience.

“I like mentalism products that are a step forward. Celebrity Presage is a giant leap forward! Any one of the three principles included here would have made this my favorite book test on the market, but all three combined are a destructive force of mental astonishment! Just wow! This book is incredible. It took me 5 seconds to know this is a new standard. I’m not kidding.” BEDROS “SPIDEY” AKKELIAN

“A book test like no other! Mike and Brett created a masterpiece. Plus, the addition of the V gimmick really makes this book a very powerful tool in the SvenPad® Family!” LUCA VOLPE

“WOW! You have outdone yourself. The combination of possibilities, with both predictions (without the need for outs) and direct mind reading is unlike anything I have ever seen. At last, a book test that can be used repeatedly for the same group with 100% accuracy! Add to that, I got the biggest creativity boost of the year after first seeing it. I can for sure predict this is a winner. I’ll take two!” Mikael Hedné

“After having performed it for several weeks for real people, I can promise that you will amaze your audiences with Celebrity Presage! This is a winner, and I highly recommend it.” SVEN RYGH

“Wow!!!! I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of Celebrity Presage and I’m completely blown away. This takes The Sven Principle and, more importantly, Book Tests to a whole new level. The numbering system is just genius plus there is so much more. If you’re thinking of getting a copy, don’t think… GET ONE NOW before they are all gone. Brett, you’ve done it again… AMAZING!” PAUL MARTIN

“Celebrity Presage is the kind of fun book you would choose for a book test! It is a refreshingly fun celebrity theme — a change from the heavy novels that nobody has heard of. Add a genius page numbering system and Wikitest MOABT words and you have a winner.” JOHN MORTON

“Folks this one is insane. I was lucky to get hold of one early. The S and L pages are literally invisible even upon close scrutiny. And the way you can freely flick through a seemingly normal book and still force any page you want is brilliant. But the cherry on the top is the clever numbering system of the pages. Plus, WikiTest words! It’s a stroke of genius. You can ask for any page number and when they open to that page number, boom there is your force page waiting.”CHRISTOPHER HURST

“A Wonderfully organic, in-your-face, devastating selection process that couldn’t be fairer. And it’s just so much fun! Really, really clever!” STEVE VALENTINE

“Still playing with the Presage book, and slowly beginning to dislike you more and more for being a friggin’ genius. I looked at the page edges through a magnifying glass, and the cuts are so fine and precise (with the perfect book paper stock you have chosen), that it simply blows my mind. And that’s BEFORE I even begin on this book’s inherent brilliance.” PAUL SHIRLEY

“Celebrity Presage is a true game-changer. Several brand-new principles are combined to make for a unique presentation that’s a multi-phase powerhouse. Three (or more) people can look at the book, think of completely different things, and then, without asking a single question, the performer can reveal (or predict) a plethora of merely thought-of words, people, movies, music, etc.” GABE ABELSON

“There are many principles at work. Not only can you reveal a celebrity, you can also reveal a movie or ANY long word they think of on their page. Brett has miraculously received permission from Marc Kerstein to incorporate the long words used in Wiki-Test! So, if you have the list memorized for Wiki-Test, you will have absolutely nothing new to remember for Celebrity Presage. Overall, this book test far surpasses my expectations. It is high quality, top-of-the-line stuff, built for working pros, but easy enough for a beginner.” MADISON HAGLER

$139 includes shipping to locations in the continental USA