Word Search

Word Search

Word Search is easy mentalism that features flashcards. Nearly everyone is familiar with flashcards, widely recognized as effective tools for enhancing learning and memory retention. Because flashcards are commonplace to young and old alike, Word Search allows you to do mentalism with anyone eight to eighty. If they can identify an image and read simple words, you can get into their heads and see through their eyes.

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The Word Search cards have multiple methods built in that make it easy to say what image is on the card chosen by your spectator. You can read your spectator’s mind or use the way he recites words to tell what image is on his chosen card. You can even predict the image that your spectator chooses on a flash card. And because of the multiple methods, the spectator can’t determine how the miracles are accomplished.

Word Search comes in two sizes: jumbo cards, the typical flashcard size, which is excellent for parlor presentations, and poker-sized cards, perfect for carrying around, and that will allow you to easily incorporate skills you commonly use when performing with playing cards into your routines.

Each pack of cards comes with two complete sets of flashcards; they are identical, but one set is discreetly marked on the back, providing another way to determine what item is pictured on a selected flashcard. Each set includes additional cards that can be used for routines that involve predictions.

This is the perfect set of cards for strolling. Whether you work with adults or kids, if they can read, you can know what card they choose. You can perform it surrounded. And you can repeat the effect repeatedly with one or more people.

$65.95 includes shipping with the continental USA

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